About Us

Faith Keiser

EventNation is a team of people led by Founder Faith Keiser. We are dedicated to helping professionals who are planning hybrid, virtual and in-person events to connect with skilled vendors to create flawless and engaging meetings and events. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to be resourceful, but as companies re-engage with customers, and re-energize teams, planners need fresh strategies. Planning a hybrid or virtual event doesn’t mean second-best, as long as we have the right technology for those events, and we understand what our new priorities and approach are in planning them. 

Faith has decades of experience as an event and meeting producer, videographer and photographer. She launched EventNation in January 2021 to fill a need for well-crafted, dynamic and memorable hybrid, virtual and in-person events. The events industry is in a revival. Be part of the nation! EventNation!

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